Jeff Capri

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With over eighteen years as a world traveled stand-up comedian, Jeff Capri has worked a wide variety of audiences. Ranging from national television, headlining comedy club chains, cruise lines, numerous military tours, (including Iraq/Afghanistan) and a favorite at collages and corporate events. He has even preformed at a nudist colony! (Fully clothed.) Jeff Capri is a favorite in Las Vegas and has made many television appearances, including Comics Unleashed, Last Comic Standing, Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star, Who Wants to Date a Comedian? Jeff has also appeared along side many respected entertainers, including Ellen DeGeneres, Joy Behar, Rich Jeni more


Laughly Mix: Jeff Capri

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  1. 1Plump (Hilarious Ad-lib)
  2. 2Bad Feet
  3. 3The Original Dog Bit
  4. 4Trump | Ending Racism
Laughly Mix: Jeff Capri
April 2017