Allan Sherman

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Hometown:Chicago, Illinois, USA
Allan Sherman was a comedian/writer/producer/singer/songwriter. He is most famous for his 1960s song called "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh" off of his first album My Son, The Folk Singer. That album was the fastest selling record of the time. His autobiography A Gift For Laughter was published in 1965. He appeared on The Tonight Show and was invited to guest host the program. He helped produce the first three albums that comedian Bill Cosby released, and he performed on That was the Week I was on NBC in 1964.


My son not the box

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  1. 1The End Of A Symphony
  2. 2Introduction
  3. 3Peter And The Commissar
  4. 4Variations On 'How Dry I Am'
My son not the box
November 2005